Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

New Friend :)

Hello :)

Yesterday was my holiday right? :3 I've told you in my last post :)
Hm, I was very busy to prepare my self for today's physics test at night :3
Hm, I woke up in the morning to waking up my Ferdian, then before had my lunch, I had chat on omegle, then I met a guy, from China :) His name is, Dorain :)
When, I knew his name, I thought he comes from USA or UK. Hehe
He is kind, he gave me his email. And he told me that, I can send him some emails, and he promised me to answer it too :3
Our first email was our photo :3 He gave his photo, and I replied it with mine :3 hehe
He also offered me to be my guide if I go to China someday :3 hihi

I'm soo glad to know you, Dorain :) hehe
That's all. Maybe I'll post about Dorain in my next posts :3

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